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How to Open the Google Nexus 7 Box

Published on July 17th, 2012 in Podcast

In anticipation of receiving my Google Nexus 7 tablet I’ve watched some “unboxing” videos, where others share the excitement of opening their new gadget. It turns out the Nexus 7 has exceptionally difficult packaging to open, so much so, someone compiles a video showing many of the “failed” unboxings. My Nexus 7 just showed up today, so learning from what I saw in those videos, here is my unboxing video.

Note that you should have a knife on hand to cut the stickers holding the top and bottom segments of the box together.

It’s a good idea to retain your gadget packaging in case you want to sell the device at some point. Ebay buyers tend to pay more if your device comes with all of the original items and the original packaging, and keeping the items in good shape makes your device more “Like New”. Even saving the shipping package if it was delivered to you is a good idea, since an Ebay sale will likely require shipping your item, and using the original packaging will not only save you money, but best ensure the safety of the device inside.

Here’s the video with many failed unboxings:

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